Research and Travel Awards

To increase teaching and research on the EU at UNC, the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence is awarding faculty and student funding from 2019-21. The results will increase visibility of the EU, promote EU studies research, and encourage young people to study the EU at the BA, MA, and PhD levels.

The JMCE Faculty EU Research and Travel award is offered to tenure-track or junior faculty. Faculty will create or amend a course to include EU-focused content. Course modules and syllabi will be available on this website, and announcements made about their availability through our social media channels.

JMCE EU Summer Research Awards are offered to BA, MA and PhD students to study and research in the EU. In addition to presenting about their research for student-led think tank European Horizons, awardees will produce research reports, Medium posts, and photo essays to showcase their work.

Following are more details on the current award cycle.

2019 Awards

JMCE Faculty EU Research and Travel Awards

CES is offering one travel award in 2019 to UNC-Chapel Hill tenure-track or junior faculty to conduct research on the European Union with the goal of creating a new course or amending an existing course to include more EU content. The award amount is $2000. Faculty from various disciplines are encouraged to apply. The project and itinerary must include at least three EU member states. Faculty will be asked to submit a syllabus demonstrating added European content in the new or revised course. Faculty will also be asked to write a post about their research on CES’ Medium blog. The application deadline was February 15, 2019.

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JMCE EU Summer Research Awards

CES is offering three travel awards to UNC-Chapel Hill MA or PhD students to research in and on the European Union in the summer of 2019. The award is for $3000. Applications will require a brief statement of support from faculty advisor, resume/CV, and a 5-page double spaced research proposal or conference paper abstract, including an itinerary. Students must consult with a faculty advisor, MA thesis or dissertation advisor while developing their plan. The research content and itinerary must include at least three EU member states. Award recipients must agree to write a report on their findings; publish a post about their research on CES’ Medium blog; present at a European Horizons student group meeting; and submit a photo essay documenting their travel within one month of completing their travel. Preference will be given to students with no or limited previous travel to the EU. The application deadline was January 31, 2019. Check back in the fall for blog posts from the awardees!

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Photos (from top to bottom): “Bergen Blues” by Diane Youngstrom; “Four Boats” by Diana Devereaux