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The Future Prospects for Immigrant Integration in Europe

Immigration is one of the most contested issues in contemporary European politics. Pro-immigration advocates highlight the economic and cultural dynamism that diverse immigrants from around the world can bring. However, anti-immigration activists criticize the economic and cultural changes that come with immigration, especially when they perceive those changes to be at the expense of native Europeans. Moreover, terrorism, ISIS, the economic recession, and the recent influx of refugees have all heightened the tensions and political stakes surrounding immigration. Populist parties are on the rise across the European Union, and appear set to only gain strength in the short term.

In light of all these trends, this roundtable of experts explored how recent developments have shaped the pressing issue of immigrant integration in Europe.

This event took place on April 7, 2017 from 12-1:30 in room 4003 of the FedEx Global Education Center.

Roundtable Participants


A photo from a UNC Jean Monnet Center of Excellence program.

Sheri Berman on the left and immigration

A panel on immigration.

Erik Bleich on anti-immigrant sentiment


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