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Savannah Whitehurst Blystone

9th-12th Grade, Gates County High School
Classes: Street Law, Civics & Economics, American History I & II
In this fellowship I hope to gain a better understanding of the EU, the role it plays in the world and the connections it has to daily American life. I want to bring back expertise, resources, and understanding of this subject to my students and other teachers in my area. I want to use the experiences from this fellowship to grow as an educator and as a person.

Blog Posts

“Teaching the European Union to Rural Classrooms”

“Schools Reopening: EU to the US”

“The European Union and Energy”

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Jane Breaux

9th-12th Grade, South Central High School
Classes: French I-IV, AP French Language & Culture
In this fellowship I want to learn as much as possible about the European Union so that I can give the information to my students. The EU is something that is very different from the way the United States operates so the average student has no idea about it, but should. Especially, in the French classroom!

Blog Posts

“The Least of These…”

“Suddenly, the World Got Small”

“But I Only Scratched the Surface”

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Lynne Coyne

9th-12th Grade, Myers Park High School
Classes: World History, IB Global Politics, Debate
In this fellowship I hope to work with fellow educators to deepen my knowledge of the European Union and to collaboratively develop lessons appropriate for a variety of classes across the social studies and language arts curriculum. I have been lucky enough to visit several nations in both western and eastern Europe; I look forward to a deep dive into the institutions, cultures, and histories that have so enriched my personal informal travel education over the years.

Blog Posts

“Making History Come Alive: Bringing Your Travels into the Classroom”

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Kimberly Freeman

2nd Grade, Southern Elementary School
In this fellowship, my goals are to educate and inspire my students to learn about other international cultures, I want to provide learning opportunities for my students to explore beyond their geographical borders and explore the diverse cultures in Europe.

Blog Posts

“Expanding My Borders”

“Stepping Outside the Box: Unexpected Ways to Teach About Europe”

“An Art Study Abroad Tour Inspired Me to Learn About the European Union”

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Joy Kinley

9th-12th Grade, Starmount High School
Classes: World History
I want to have a deeper understanding of how the European Union works and how the the EU works with internal issues and international agreements. I want students to understand how this works and how areas with different needs can work together to come up with answers to complex problems.

Blog Posts

“Why should I teach about the European Union”

“Events in Quarantine”

Surviving Remote Learning”

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Victoria Mahoney

6th-8th Grade, Clayton Middle School
Classes: Financial Literacy
I would like to learn how to incorporate the European Union through the study of economics. The US economy depends on resources and markets in the EU. I would like to increase my knowledge of the current events in the EU. Economic conditions and politics in the EU affect the US.

Blog Posts

“Middle Schoolers Learn about EU-US Trade”

“EU Travel Brochures Created by Students”

“How to Teach about the EU through Google Arts and Culture”

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Stephanie Morgan

9th-12th Grade, Pisgah High School
Classes: Math I, Math II, Math III, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus
I am always looking for new ways to incorporate cross-curricular and global themes into my math lessons. Doing so helps my students see the interconnectedness of different disciplines and the relevance of mathematics. I hope that this fellowship provides opportunities to improve my knowledge and understanding of the EU and its history, as well as provide me information about current events — refugee crises, Brexit, indigenous language revitalization efforts, arts, etc — that I can then translate into content-applicable lessons in my different math courses. Personally, I am excited to explore Europe and the EU in much more depth than I’ve been able to in the past.

Blog Posts

“EU in Math Class – It’s Simpler Than You Think”

“Stats on the Welfare State”

“Math in the Time of COVID”

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Claire E. Ross

1st Grade, Morehead City Primary School
I look forward to broadening my understanding of Europe and the European Union! Furthering my knowledge will help me continue to grow as a culturally aware and globally competent adult. This fellowship will help me teach my young students to also become globally competent citizens and hopefully inspire them to seek more information and develop their personal interests. I am excited to be part of the 2020 EUnited Teacher Fellows Cohort! Go Heels!

Blog Posts

“Preparing Our Youngest Students for a Global Future”

“Learning from Home and Sparking Interest”

“Tiny Superheroes”

Claire Ross smiles at the camera.

Erica Smiley

11th & 12th Grade, Tuscola High School
Classes: AP United States History, AP Government & Politics, American History II (Honors and Regular)
My goals for the fellowship are to understand the intricacies of the European Union so that I can grow my pedagogy and be a better teacher. I want to be a more knowledgeable educator and global citizen. I love to travel and go to Europe at least once a year so this will help me in that aspect as well!

Blog Posts

“Global Tariffs and Trade Wars”

“Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste”

“Comparing Immigration: Reasons and Repercussions”

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Diego Usma

6th-8th Grade, Bessemer City Middle School
Classes: Spanish
My main goal for this fellowship is to broaden my knowledge of the European Union and bring it into the classroom. This is because I want my students to develop an initial understanding
of the importance of the EU for the world and particularly, for the United States in relation to topics such as economy, politics and immigration.

Blog Posts

“Brexit: A scenario for the rise of a new lingua franca?”

“COVID-19 and the European Union: A Trial by Fire”

“Higher Education and COVID-19: The Role of Collaborative Research”

Katie Willett

9th-12th Grade, Myers Park High School
Classes: Social Studies, English, International Baccalaureate Program Coordinator
Through this fellowship I look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding of the relevance of historical and contemporary Europe as well as that of the European Union to the global community. The outcomes of this research and collaboration will allow me to design curriculum for secondary students and professional development for educators.

Blog Posts

“The Future is Europe”

“US to EU in the time of COVID-19”

“Considering EU Citizenship from an American Perspective”

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Matthew John Wynne

7th Grade, R. Max Abbott Middle School
Classes: Social Studies
My goals for the fellowship is to learn more about the role of the European Union in international affairs. Also, best practices and instructional methods to facilitate learning for students on the European Union’s importance in global governance. Lastly, to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to conduct professional development workshops to empower other educators to bring an awareness of the European Union’s significance.

Blog Posts

“Reflection on the EUnited Fellows Program”

“EU Fellowship Blog Reflection 2”

“Fight for Social Justice in the EU”

Matthew Wynne smiles at the camera.

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