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The JMCE 2018-21 EU Today podcast series features interviews with visiting speakers, scholars and Jean Monnet key faculty members. Our guests speak about their research on topics affecting the EU today. Topics range from traditional social sciences as well as UNC’s strengths in the area of health, journalism/communications, and environment-related research and exchange with EU member states.

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with Professors Jennifer Fitzgerald and Mark Helbling
This podcast features guest speakers from the spring 2019 Jean Monnet panel “The Political Divides That Are Transforming the EU.”

Access the transcript for podcast 2.

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with Professor Jonathan Polk
This podcast features a guest speaker from the spring 2019 Jean Monnet “Partisan Divides” workshop.

Access the transcript for podcast 3.

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with Professors Susan Pennybacker and Cemil Aydin
This podcast features the organizers of the spring 2019 Jean Monnet panel and conference “Global Brexit and the Lost Futures of European Empires.”

Access the transcript for podcast 4.

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with Professor Urban Strandberg
This podcast features a discussion on youth engagement in the EU, centering on the International Youth Think Tank.

Access the transcript for podcast 5.

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with Professor Phillip Ayoub
This podcast features a discussion of how LGBT rights are adopted by EU member states.

Access the transcript for podcast 6.

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with PhD candidate Kaitlin Alper
This podcast features a discussion of economic inequality in Europe and the US, and its impact on politics in times of crisis.

Access the transcript for podcast 7.

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with Atlantic Academy director David Sirakov and education manager Sarah Wagner
This podcast features a discussion of EU-US military relations. The Atlantic Academy is a Germany-based think tank located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, near Ramstein Air Base and also home to the largest community of Americans outside of the US.

Access the transcript for podcast 8.

Decorative image of the outside of the European Parliament with member state flags.

with Joseph Dunne, director of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington D.C
This podcast features a discussion of the European Parliament’s work in the US, including their relations with US congress and how EU and US politics have changed over the years.

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with UNC-CH political science professors and JMCE key staff members Evelyne Huber and John D Stephens
This podcast features a discussion of different models and outcomes of welfare states in the EU and beyond, as well as professors Huber and Stephens’ ongoing project, Increasing Inequality in Post-Industrial Knowledge Economies. Evelyne Huber is the Morehead Alumni Distinguished Professor of Political Science. John D. Stephens is the Gerhard E. Lenski, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Sociology. He is also the Director of the Center for European Studies, a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence.

Access the transcript for podcast 10.

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with UNC-CH professor and JMCE key staff member Priscilla Layne and UC Riverside faculty Sherryl Vint
This podcast features an interview of Dr. Sherryl Vint (UC Riverside) by Dr. Priscilla Layne (UNC-CH). Dr. Layne is an Associate Professor of German, Adjunct Associate Professor of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, and Jean Monnet Center of Excellence Key Faculty Member. Dr. Vint is is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies and director of the Speculative Fictions and Cultures of Science program. During their conversation, Drs. Vint and Layne discuss how sci-fi texts shape and inform understanding of contemporary biopolitical trends in Europe and the US.