The JMCE 2018-21 EU Today podcast series features interviews with visiting speakers, scholars and Jean Monnet key faculty members. Our guests speak about their research on topics affecting the EU today. Topics range from traditional social sciences as well as UNC’s strengths in the area of health, journalism/communications, and environment-related research and exchange with EU member states.

Decorative image with shape of European Union member states in blue against a concrete wall.

with Prof. Dr. Kiran Klaus Patel

This podcast features our speaker from the spring 2019 Jean Monnet lecture “The Making of a European Alternative: Cooperation and Integration in Europe post-WWII.”


Decorative image with a black steel gate against a sunrise or sunset sky and reflected in water.

with Professors Jennifer Fitzgerald and Mark Helbling

This podcast features guest speakers from the spring 2019 Jean Monnet panel “The Political Divides That Are Transforming the EU.”


Decorative circular image of brick wall painted red and dark blue with clear contrasting straight line where the two colors meet.

with Professor Jonathan Polk

This podcast features a guest speaker from the spring 2019 Jean Monnet “Partisan Divides” workshop.


Decorative clipped image of 1886 map of British Empire.

with Professors Susan Pennybacker and Cemil Aydin

This podcast features the organizers of the spring 2019 Jean Monnet panel and conference “Global Brexit and the Lost Futures of European Empires.”