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These lesson plans have been created as part of the EUnited Teacher Fellows Program at the
Center for European Studies, a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, at the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Center for European Studies takes no institutional positions. All
views represented within these plans are the authors’ own.

Elementary School

You Can Fight Climate Change!

All About the European Union

First Grade

An Introduction to the European Union through Modern Greece

Second Grade

European Traditions, Natural Resources, and Climate

Third Grade

Middle School

Exploring EU Cities through Google Earth

Refugee Crisis and European Union’s Response

Introduction to the European Union

English Language Arts; History; Geography

Union Europea: Getting to know the European Union

Beginning-Intermediate Spanish

EU in the Modern Era: Social Justice in the EU Gallery Walk Lesson Plan

Middle School Social Studies

High School

Immigration and Refugees: Comparing the Contemporary Refugee Crises to Historical Immigration

Supranational Organizations

High School History

Movement around the European Union

Refugee Crisis in Europe


Comparing Governmental Structures through the Lens of Citizens

Nation-States, Sovereignty, and the EU

Civics; Economics; History

Understanding EU-US Relations

Comparing the Purpose and Structure of the European Union and the African Union

Advanced History

C’est Quoi L’Union Européenne? The EU 101

Analyzing a Ukrainian Fairy Tale (Comparison with French Example)


Understanding Linear Functions: Using the EU for practical examples

9th Grade Math